Window display

mrs smith morningside

mrs smith 1 to 4

mrs smith 4

mrs smith from inside

mrs smith 5

mrs smith sale overview

mrs smith sale detail

mrs smith wrapping paper

mrs smith sale strut

Mrs Smith Christmas window display. I was approached by Edinburgh-based fashion boutique Mrs Smith to design window graphics to help promote their Christmas campaign. I came up with illustrations that were fun, cute and colourful, to help them stand out amongst their competitors. I had the 1960s-looking drawings running through all the windows like a paper chase and into the shop, onto the mirrors and fitting room walls to help give a continuous look throughout the store. This was carried through onto wrapping paper and in-store signage. Mrs Smith has two branches so they were both given the same treatment. I also designed their winter sale graphics that fitted in with their Christmas scheme.

Royal Garden Apartments do not disturb

Royal Garden Apartments do not disturb1

Royal Garden Apartments - do not disturb window display. Royal Garden Apartments are set in Edinburgh's Queen Street - opposite the National Portrait Gallery. The six-story hotel was constructed in 1880 and converted into apartments in 1999. They approached me to give their windows a make-over. Their windows previously had a severe black typeface over a frosted background which the owner described as "more of a funeral parlour than a hotel."
I took inspiration from their name and beautiful surrounding gardens to give the branding a Spring clean. The apartments are large and airy and I wanted to let the graphics mirror how welcoming the staff and rooms are.
All of the windows are open-backed apart from one.This window is about 28cm deep and requires climbing into it from the top. Dressing options are therefore very limited as you run the risk of destroying your display as you clamber out!
Originally, this 'Do Not Disturb' idea was to advertise Valentine's Day. The lights were going to be coloured pink and rose petals would cover the floor. However, to get the most time and value from money out of the display, it was decided to adapt it to more of a 'corporate stay' idea.

Royal Garden Apartments family

Royal Garden Apartments family detail

Royal Garden Apartments - family window. Royal Garden Apartments commissioned me to design and illustrate a window highlighting the vast size of their rooms and therefore the capacity for holding an entire family.

Royal Garden Apartments inside

Royal Garden Apartments outside

Royal Garden Apartments - window graphics. Photos of open-back windows at Royal Garden Apartments. They are in complete contrast to the previous design (a wide band of frosting cutting out all light). These windows look out onto Queen Street and opposite is located the Portrait Gallery. The hotel's reception area looks out onto the gallery so I wanted the guests to be able to admire the view.

No room at inn

Queens Speech

Royal Garden Apartments - Christmas adverts. These posters were designed and illustrated to entice existing customers to rebook their Hotel Apartment at Christmas time.

wool week window illustration graphic design

wool week sale window illustration graphic design

wool week sale window illustration graphic design

wool week sale window illustration graphic design

wool week sale window illustration graphic design

Wool Sale windows. Mock-ups showcasing concepts, logo and illustration for a wool specialist.

Theatre window

Theatre Detail 2

Theatre Detail

comedy window

comedy logo

dance logo

Concept Group for Assembly Rooms.I was commissioned to design and install a window scheme by Concept Group to advertise their sponsoring of Assembly's Edinburgh Festival programme. Concept provides photocopiers and communication solutions to businesses. I had to link photocopiers and the Edinburgh Festival together somehow over 4 windows. A different window represented the 4 different aspects of the Festival - Comedy, Dance, Music and Theatre. The Theatre window featured stage lights forming from hanging toner cartridges spilling their contents of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black toner all down the walls. The Comedy window had a mannequin in an office party setting, with her naughtily photocopying her bum, the evidence flying up the wall. We had a green strobe light fitted to replicate the green light a copier gives off when it is in operation.