Graphic design for retail

Electric Circus logo

Electric Circus clown

Electric Circus elephant

Electric Circus tiger

Harvey Nichols - Electric Circus. Logo and posters created to advertise the annual staff party.

film countdown 3

film countdown 2

film countdown 4

oscar poster marlene dietrich

oscar poster marlon brando

oscar tickets front back

Harvey Nichols - Oscars Party. Posters - including 3 teasers - and tickets used to advertise the Oscar-themed Harvey Nichols staff party. The photos I took were manipulated to look like a distorted cinema screen and posters were printed on silver card to echo Andy Warhol's 'silver screen' paintings. The ticket was printed on to sugar paper, similar to a traditional cinema.

harvey nichols caperceilidh party

harvey nichols highland do

Harvey Nichols - Ceilidh Staff Party. Poster design and illustration for a Scottish-themed Harvey Nichols staff party. The word play in the title helped decide on the direction of the drawings.

mens masked ball

female masked ball

masked ball final poster

Harvey Nichols - Oscars Party. Illustration and design for Harvey Nichols annual staff party. Includes 2 teaser flyers for the masked ball themed event.

Portrait Gallery Fashion show

Scottish National Portrait Gallery / Harvey Nichols Fashion Show. Poster designed to advertise a collaboration between The Scottish Portrait Gallery and Harvey Nichols. Two portraits were supplied and they were spliced together to represent both of the collaborators.

trunk show hawaii front

trunk show hawaii back

Harvey Nichols - Personal Shopping Trunk Show (Hawaii). One colour print job to advertise Harvey Nichols' Personal Shopping trunk show which had a Hawaiian theme.

fashion show flamingo

fashion show postcard

Harvey Nichols - Spring / Summer Fashion Show. Following on from the low-key Trunk Show, these were sent to customers to invite them to a 'South Pacific' themed Spring / Summer fashion show. I illustrated the flamingos and palm trees to convey the idea of a tacky holiday postcard.

fashion show palm trees

fashion show postcard back

Harvey Nichols - Spring / Summer Night Fashion Show. Two versions of the invite were designed - one for a daytime show, and the other for night. Both had a 'postcard' design on the back to make it appear that the customer had been sent the invite from foreign climes.

trunk show aw 2011

trunk show aw 2011 back

Harvey Nichols - Personal Shopping Trunk Show . These invitations were printed on paper that felt like suede to the touch. I thought it would be nice for the customers who received these in the post, to pull them from the envelopes they arrived in and enjoy a tactile experience.

harvey nichols alexander mcqueen

Harvey Nichols - Trunk Show. This houndstooth invitation was based on that season's Alexander McQueen catwalk show. The type had a spot UV treatment so that it appeared and disappeared into the background pattern as it was moved around.

harvey nichols escalator directories

Harvey Nichols - store directories. Designed to guide customers round the shop. The design was informed by the space around the signage - the angles of the escalator.

Harvey Nichols pamper menu photo

Harvey Nichols pamper menu back

Harvey Nichols - Pamper Menu. Designed and illustrated to promote the beauty department's range of indulgent treatments. Around the time, Victorian cameos were coming back into vogue, so I updated the idea. The woman's face was given a spot UV to make her gloss black against the matt background.

harvey nichols jazz

Harvey Nichols - Jazz Fridays. Poster for live jazz at Harvey Nichols restaurant.

harvey nichols robert burns

Harvey Nichols - Burns Night. I treated the over-used Robert Burns image for this poster advertising Burns dinner at the Forth Floor Restaurant.


Harvey Nichols - Game of Chocolate. Illustrated poster for chocolate event at Harvey Nichols foodmarket.

harvey nichols spanish food

Harvey Nichols - Spanish Food Festival. Poster for food festival at Harvey Nichols foodmarket.

Kill Star front

Kill Star back

Kill Star Fashion. Trade show flyer illustrated to promote occult-themed clothing company.