Dare, actually

Dare, actually. Legendary DJ, remixer and producer Jon of the Pleased Wimmin got in touch to ask me to design a flyer for his new club venture 'Dare!'. The previous flyer had featured Jon paying tribute to the Human League album which gave the club it's name, and for this he wanted his own take on another classic album cover - Pet Shop Boys, Actually, originally designed by Farrow. I wanted to keep the sleek minimalism of the original which posed a problem as there was a lot of text to go on the poster. The problem was overcome by having it look like an import copy, complete with cardboard strip on the left and Japanese text. There are a few design details which aren't immediately obvious which I worked in... the price sticker is also the entry fee, the Japanese words say 'Passion' (one of Jon's own chart hits) and 'disco music' which relates to the music policy. There are names of bands and singers listed in a font which looks Japanese at first glance, but is actually English. Photo by Nicola Bald.

Dare, Marc Almond Jon Pleased Wimmin Soft Cell flyer poster

Dare, Non-stop electro disco. In keeping with previous flyers I've done for Jon Pleased Wimmin, 'paying homage' to a classic synth LP, this one recreates the Soft Cell album cover for 'Non Stop Erotic Cabaret', arguably, one of the most influential electronic albums ever recorded. Unfortunately, we didn't have the budget to have neon signs made with the amazingly sleazy typeface, but Ryan McGoverne took some great photos of Jon and Donald as Marc and Dave and I managed to photoshop together the 'Dare!' logo into a believable fluoro-sign.

Space Ibiza come together logo

Space Ibiza come together billboard

Space Ibiza come together spot uv

Space Ibiza come together spot uv black

Space Ibiza come together spot uv pink

Come Together. These various designs were commissioned by Space Ibiza - for a club night which played indie and rock instead of the usual house and dance music. The flyers were given a spot UV treatment.

Gasoline Dance Machine neon logo

Gasoline Dance Machine. I was asked to design a logo and illustrate promotional materials for a commercial club night playing disco and house. The Top of the Pops-inspired logo was immortalised in neon.

Gasoline Dance Machine C90s

Gasoline Dance Machine C90s ver2

Gasoline Dance Machine C90s back

The C90's.

Gasoline Dance Machine NYE

Gasoline Dance Machine NYE poster

Gasoline Dance Machine Mustang


Gasoline Dance Machine Disco Skull

Disco Skull. I created this disco skull from hundreds of mirrored tiles, then photographed it for this macabre rave flyer.

Gasoline Dance Machine Erol Alkan

Erol Alkan - Gasoline Dance Machine. Erol Alkan visited G.D.M to play a 'Disco 3000' set, a collection of psychedelic, spaced-out disco beats. I wanted the poster to reflect the retro music vidoes and dated record covers of the music being played.

Menergy Tom of Finland

Tom of Finland. The Glasgow club night Menergy was named after the classic Patrick Cowley & Sylvester track of the same name. It was originally set up to play a mix of Hi-NRG, Italo and disco. I wanted to create an atmosphere similar to William Friedkin's 'Cruising' movie, a seedy magazine or an obscure disco record cover.

Menergy Sylvester

Sylvester, You make us feel (Mighty Real). As Menergy was set up to play Italo disco and classic europop from decades ago, I decided to pay homage to one of disco's most underrated stars - Sylvester.

Diva Ball Divine

Divine. This flyer was designed as a tribute to the queen of bad taste - the filthiest person alive - Divine.

Jem flyer

Jem. Using a picture of 1980s cartoon pop star Jem, I redesigned the Menergy logo in the original 'Jem' typeface, which I recreated by hand.

Zombie castro gay flyer Hi-NRG poster illustration

Castro Zombie Prom. I decided to illustrate this Halloween poster with a combination of digital and hand-rendered processes, resulting in this sexual but scary fetish zombie.

End of Art School poster Glasgow School of Art flyer Vic Bar

End of Art School Glasgow School of Art flyer poster demolished Vic Bar (back)

Den Haan - live. This particular flyer was to advertise the last ever event at Glasgow School of Art bar before it was demolished and rebuilt. Glaswegian disco legends Den Haan played live that night. I wanted the visuals to have an apocalyptic feel.

Jackie Curtis flyer gay party

Jackie Curtis. By the time Menergy had moved to the Glasgow Art School, it was becoming a bit of a drag queen hang out, so the image of one of Andy Warhol's famous 'superstars' - Jackie Curtis - was used as a nod to our art school origins and punk rock attitude.

Grace Jones poster flyer

Grace Jones gay disco party poster (back)

Grace Jones. This party was advertised as a 'versus' night, with two guest DJ's going head to head on the decks. I used an image of Miss Grace Jones as the iconic cover star, and updated a boxing poster's template with the Menergy typeface for the graphic styling.

Mascara Massacre gay disco Dario Argento poster flyer

Menergy Mascara Massacre. I like to create my own images for the posters and flyers, so when time allows, I'll illustrate or photograph something myself. The model was photographed and styled by me, with an outfit, including the headpiece made from doll parts.

Italo Horror Dario Argento gay disco party club

Italo Horror (poster)

Suspiria. One of Menergy's earlier nights was a Dario Argento themed party. The gaudy and colourful often crosses over into the realms of nightmare, and I wanted to replicate this with the flyer which features a glamorous but horrifying image, and the poster, which draws on the film 'Suspiria's' most famous scene.

YoLandi Visser poster flyer design graphic

YoLandi Visser poster graphic design (back)

Yolandi Vi$$er. I decided to photoshop an octopus tentacle into Yolandi's mouth as I thought it made an interesting image, and because Die Antwoord's 'I Fink U Freeky' had become a Menergy anthem.

Menergedon graphic design Glasgow illustration

Menergeddon. Menergy has a habit of playing the last night of legendary Glasgow venues. Forbidden, a strip club complete with an illuminated catwalk and dancer's cages, was a venue Divine performed at in the 1980s. 'Menergeddon' fell on the end of the Mayan calendar, and the last night this venue was ever open. How fitting.

Menergy vs Jean Michel Basquiat graphic design illustration

Menergy vs Jean Michel Basquiat back

Menergy vs Basquiat. This Menergy flyer was created in response to being given an image of Madonna from one of her earliest photoshoots. I didn't like the image at all and wanted to obscure it in some way. Menergy's music policy and aesthetic is strongly influenced by early 1980s New York City, and as she was dating (my favourite) artist Jean Michel Basquiat at the time, I decided to create an image that was influenced by his work. The typeface at the top I made myself with a pair of scissors and some sticky backed plastic which I then scanned in.

Gary Wilson Glasgow Scotland Vogue ball poster graphic design illustration

All Stars Ball. Gary Wilson is Menergy's in-house fashion designer. Gary has created outfits for Sharon Needles, Nicki Minaj and Shystie. His angular designs informed the layout of the poster.

RuPauls Drag Race Menergy logo flyer

Menergy has become the only place in Scotland where stars of reality TV cult hit 'RuPaul's Drag Race' can perform live.

All the Menergy posters are for sale. These artworks are for sale. Please contact me for more information or a quote.

Sharon Needles graphic design logo illustration

Sharon Needles graphic design logotypes

Sharon Needles. Menergy has played host to some of the biggest stars from cult TV show 'RuPaul's Drag Race'. Sharon Needles is the satanic winner of season 4. The promotional image I was sent by her manager to use on promotional materials had been circulating on the internet for a long time and I felt it was overused so I 'remixed' it using The Seal of Lucifer from the Grimorium Verum to play up the 'antichrist' theme. I also created these logotypes.

Adore Delano painting illustration poster portrait drawing flyer

Adore Delano. I am currently obsessed with painting portraits so when I was asked to design the poster for Adore Delano, I decided to paint her and capture her glamorous punk attitude.

Phi Phi O'Hara RuPauls Drag Race illustration graphic design flyer

Phi Phi O'Hara. I wanted this to look like it was cut up with a pair of blunt scissors and stuck down with Pritt Stick.

Detox Willam Vicky graphic design flyer

Detox, Willam & Vicky. I cut up this image with lines coming from the girl's dresses.

Manila Luzon RuPauls Drag Race graphic design illustration flyer

Manila Luzon with poster

Manila Luzon poster. Manila Luzon plays with her Asian heritage, so I thought I would do the same and make her into Dragzilla, a 1950s B-Movie monster. When Manila was over in Glasgow before her show, she struck a pose in front of her poster.

Latrice Royale RuPauls Drag Race illustration design graphic flyer

Latrice Royale poster. I created this 'cake kaleidoscope' with photos I took and photoshopped Latrice into the centre.

Raja Gemini RuPauls Drag Race design graphic logo illustration flyer

Raja Gemini. Menergy invited the winner of season 3 of RuPaul's Drag Race - Raja Gemini to perform. Raja has based many of her looks on her East Indian heritage and so I decided to make her a Kali-esque multi-armed deity. Coincidentally, her performance at Menergy consisted of an ingenious costume that dropped open to reveal six arms.

Disko Bloodbath - Flyer front

Disko Bloodbath - Flyer back

Disko Bloodbath. Shortly after graduating Edinburgh College of Art I decided to set up my own club night as a way of showcasing my art and design work. I treated the walls of a nightclub like a gallery and fly posters for the club as a way to experiment with design, illustration and typography.

Disko Bloodbath - poster 1

Disko Bloodbath - Peaches poster

Disko Bloodbath - stencil

Disko Bloodbath - Badges

During the first few parties, badges were handed out to help promote the club.

Mutilate Madonna illustration graphic design punk poster flyer

Disko Bloodbath - Mutilate Madonna. A teaser campaign preceded the first 'proper' poster with a number of pop music icons being destroyed, to make way for alternative choices. Obviously, this was tongue-in-cheek. I love Madonna.

Ladytron album launch party poster flyer graphic design

Franz Ferdinand album launch party poster flyer graphic design

Placebo album launch party poster flyer graphic design

Heroes flyers. Heroes was a club night I used to run with a jukebox-style music policy, and was my first foray into interior design, dressing up the various spaces we rented. Heroes was chosen to host the launch parties for 'Bleed Like Me' by Garbage, 'Witching Hour' by Ladytron and 'You could have it so much better...' by Franz Ferdinand, followed by the 'Meds' LP (Placebo).