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Loverboy Magazine gregor laird press

Loverboy Magazine. Commission for fashion spread in lifestyle magazine. Click here for the rest of the drawings.

typographic posters

typographic posters

Typographic Posters. Feature in design bible Typographic Posters.

jiangyin press

Jiangyin Scenery Culture Communication. Feature in Chinese media blog.

vice up

Vice Up Magazine. Feature in French media blog.

best fringe typographic posters

dreck magazine bone jewellery

Dreck Magazine. Bone jewellery featured in Berlin's Dreck magazine, including the Pelvis Collar, Spine Harness and Spine Necklace.

edinburgh quotidaen times review

edinburgh spurtle review

evening news review

evening news walkout

scotland on sunday preview

michael jackson forum

Carrion. Press for 'Carrion' including screen captures of the official Michael Jackson forum, where fans discuss my artwork.

edinburgh spotlight review

Herald review

Freak Show.

The List highlight

The List preview

The List picks

The Skinny review

kctv review

Plastic Pastorals.


Utopia - Herald

Utopia - scottish design awards

Utopia - KCTV

Utopia - edinburgh architecture

Utopia - Architecture Scotland


Lost in the Forest - Glasgay Brochure

Lost in the Forest - The Skinny

Lost in the Forest - Hit List

Lost in the Forest - The List

Lost in the Forest - Lost in the Forest - The List

Lost in the Forest - reFRESH

Lost in the Forest.