Retail illustration

harvey nichols oh you beauty cosmetics illustration

harvey nichols oh you beauty cosmetics illustration landscape graphic design

Harvey Nichols - Oh You Beauty. Digital illustration, logo design and typesetting to advertise a cosmetics event.

harvey nichols food forth

Harvey Nichols - Food on Forth advert. Digital illustration and typesetting.

4 doll photo

black hair blond hair

red hair brown hair

black brown detail

doll drawing in Alexander McQueen concession

Paper Dolls. Life sized 'paper dolls' illustrated for a Harvey Nichols Christmas event. All the clothes that appeared on the dolls were available to buy from the shop, so they became mannequins, helping to sell stock.

doll capture cards

Paper Dolls Capture Cards. The same paper dolls were illustrated digitally and appeared on data capture cards.

McQueen skull clutch illustration

Alexander McQueen clutch bag. Union Jack clutch with silver skull clasp.

Tiger shoes

Jeffery Campbell tiger print shoes. Cut out wedges.

Prada shoes illustration drawing

Prada stiletto.

Vivienne Westwood toes shoes drawing illustration

Vivienne Westwood 'toe' shoes. Anatomical pirate boots.

Vivienne Westwood heart shaped bag drawing illustration

Vivienne Westwood 'heart' bag. Heart-shaped handbag.

ysl leopard skin bag illustration drawing

Yves Saint Laurent bag. Leopard skin handbag.

bird cage cash desk

Bird cages. Harvey Nichols cash desk display. Cages were hand drawn, scanned then produced in vinyl. 3D crows were then added to play with customer's perspective.

leaves cash desk

Garden. Harvey Nichols cash desk display. Again, a mix of 2D vinyl illustration and 3D props were used to help draw customers to cash desks.

tron retail design

Perspective. Harvey Nichols cash desk display. This vinyl illustration plays with customer's perspective and is based on the classic 1980s film Tron.

absolut london vector drawing display

Absolut London. Harvey Nichols Foodmarket. Illustrations of the London skyline produced in semi-transparent vinyl used to decorate a display case to advertise a limited edition bottle of Absolut Vodka.