father portrait painting

Actor. Mixed media.

father portrait painting

Smiler. Mixed media.

tori portrait painting

Tori (white). Mixed media.

tori portrait painting

Tori (black). Mixed media.

musician portrait painter

Rock. Mixed media.

band portrait illustration

grunge portrait painting

Blue. Mixed media.

clown portrait painting

Clown. Mixed media.

persephone portrait painting

Persephone. Mixed media. Based on a photograph taken by Robyn Alison Meta.

photographer portrait painting

Photographer. Mixed media.

divine portrait painting

Almost Divine. Mixed media.

My first forays into portrait painting began with my images of Michael Jackson for the Carrion exhibition.

Those images had a certain irreverance, and I wanted to take the painting skills I had learned with that project and apply them to paintings that were more traditional. Instead of using reproduced images such as magazine cuttings, I took photos of the subjects myself. I like to work with a variety of media - pencils, acrylics and spraypaint or whatever I find that can make an interesting mark on the paper. I have included photos of a few of the subjects to show how I take someone's likeness and manipulate it to create something new.

Commissions are welcome. I have worked on small black and white sketches up to life sized canvases. These artworks are for sale. Please contact me for more information or a quote.