Freak Show

freak show exhibition

Freak Show.

creepy scary clown portrait painting

Dissected Clown. Mixed media - transparent vinyl, pencil and acrylic on paper.

spitting clown portrait painting

Kafka the Clown. Mixed media - pastel, spraypaint and acrylic on paper.

skeleton elephant

Skelephant. Mixed media - pastel, pencil and acrylic on paper.

roll up toll up

Roll Up Toll Up. Mixed media - pastel, pencil and acrylic on paper.

flea circus poster

clown circus poster

I decided to use the Flea circus as a starting point for my illustrations. Flea performances were first advertised as early as 1833 in England, and were a main carnival attraction until 1930. Some flea circuses persisted in very small venues in the United States as late as the 1960s.

I had read about 'The Death of the Flea Circus Director' by Thomas Koerfer, a movie in which the main protagonist loses his performing fleas in a crop- spraying operation, seeks compensation from the sort of government agencies where fleas would never be found, and after a chance encounter with a macabre village pageant transforms his enterprise into a theatre of the plague.

It was fleas that carried the Bubonic Plague in the middle ages which lived on the backs of Black Rats, and I liked the idea of a Flea circus travelling around giving all the audience members and circus performers the Plague.

The second idea that drifted in to the mix was Frank Kafka's 'Metamorphosis' about a man that wakes up finding himself transformed into an insect. He is ostracized from society - much like people who were born with genetic abnormalities and were forced to make a living from circus 'Freak Shows' and the like, in the late 1800s onwards.

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