Miscellaneous illustration

Loverboy magazine trevor wayne biker tattoo

Loverboy magazine trevor wayne biker Madonna tattoo

Loverboy magazine trevor wayne biker eagle poppers tattoo

Loverboy magazine poppers biker amyl nitrate tattoo

Loverboy magazine skull tattoo

Loverboy magazine flying skull tattoo

Loverboy magazine Cher tattoo

Loverboy magazine Lynx buffalo dreamcatcher tattoo

Loverboy Magazine. These illustrations were printed in Loverboy Magazine. The brief was to draw tattoos inspired by the model Trevor Wayne.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs off with head

Yeah Yeah Yeahs eyes

Yeah Yeah Yeahs. These illustrations were proposals for merchandise for the US new-wave band. The eyes and bones tied in with the imagery of their album - 'It's Blitz!'.

newborn baby drawing

Baby. Newborn baby drawing.

The 'Gods & Monsters' images below were originally produced for Edinburgh's Erotic Art Festival. I found the mythology of the Ancient Greeks fascinating - the tales of revenge and lust mixed with the hybidisations of humans, animals and metamorphosis very similar to modern sexual practices, so I decided to bring them together. The series is ongoing and I will be adding to this page as I complete more images. The initial drawings were vectors, produced in vinyl. I liked the sharp lines and glossy black surfaces which reminded me of rubber fetish clothing.

Erotic art festival

Medusa photo

Medusa. The Gorgons were monsters from Greek mythology which can turn men to stone with a look. Medusa was changed into a dominatrix, a powerful woman who inspires fear and awe in mortal men.


Unicorn. I updated the myth, mixing their hybrid man and horse with 'pony play', a modern fetish involving dehuminisation using rubber horse masks, hooves and other equestrian equipment.

madonna tattoo design

madonna tattoo

Madonna tattoo. I was approached to design a tattoo based on Patrick Demarchalier's photograph of Madonna. The tattoo artist re-interpreted the initial design.

madonna vector drawing

Madonna. Pop icon.

siouxsie sioux vector drawing

Siouxsie Sioux. Punk deity.

Debbie Harry vector Blondie

Debbie Harry. Flyer for 80s club night.

Candyfloss gallery image 2

kylie love hate shirt

kylie vs dannii shirt

sexy butterfly shirt

Candyfloss gallery image 2

Candyfloss gallery image 5

Photography: Daniel Rutter

Candyfloss gallery image 7

Photography: Daniel Rutter

T Shirt design. I designed and illustrated these T shirts which were screenprinted professionally and sold in boutiques nationwide. They even made their way on to Top of the Pops and Mtv. You can purchase them here.

Hole Doll parts

Doll Face. Ink drawing.

Xmas Card 2006

Bleeding Heart. Christmas card.

Alice in Wonderland

Alice. Collage based on Alice in Wonderland.

Darcy 1

Darcy 2

Scarlett 1

Scarlett 2

Scarlet. Children's book illustration.

Skinhead Punk

Skinhead punk. Fashion illustration - Vivienne Westwood.

Smashing Pumpkins illustration

The Smashing Pumpkins. Digital illustration.